Sustainable social commitment ...

... decisively confirms people in their self-worth and institutions in their mission when they experience the independent and autonomous implementation of their ideas and conceptions in a positive way. This is all the more true when they have this experience together with others and can exchange ideas about ways to promote socially recognised concerns effectively and in a way that encourages independence.

In this spirit, we would like to mention here the projects and activities of other charitable foundations:

Just recently, the Franz und Ursula Coppenrath Foundation gave the go-ahead for the promotion project “Young future in the Emsland”.

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The non-profit Cultural Foundation Jeanne d’Art supports young artists who reach their financial limits when implementing sophisticated projects.

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In the year 2002, the Irmgard und Gunnar Rasch foundation was set up in order to promote care for the elderly and provide the disabled with assistance.
In particular the foundation supports selected organisations in the Bielefeld, Münster and Grafschaft Bentheim areas.

The foundation idea of Mr. and Mrs. Gran as passionate alpinists could be realised in 2020/2021. The foundation supports the Alpine Museum of the German Alpine Association in Munich, among other things, in the preservation, maintenance and expansion of the library and the archive.