Confidence, independence, expertise

Why do more and more people delegate the management of the material profits of their work to specialised professionals? Certainly to be able to commit their time to more important things in life and to concentrate on fields in which they feel "at home".

That requires a great deal of confidence.

Confidence in those handling your affairs. This is the most important capital of an independent asset manager - thus of COLLEGIUM Vermoegensverwaltungs AG.

Each client also has the right to the individual organisation of his assets according to his investment plans. These are particularly dependent on his desired capital security, but also on his readiness to participate in attractive economic projects.

The way to creating long-standing support in the management of assets largely depends on the expertise of the decision makers. The basis for successful cooperation is given, as these projects are always independently decided upon in the sole interest of the client.

This is the demanding ambition set by the COLLEGIUM team.

Dieter Huntebrinker Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Dieter Huntebrinker
Chairman of the Supervisory Board